About Us

Lee Dawson

The Gaffer

Lee Dawson is known for his ‘Fighting Fit’ online fitness courses and for presenting the Digital Warriors chat show. Lee is a dedicated truther devoted to health. His investigative reporting is second to none, particularly regarding the assault on human health over the last years. ‘Fight for Life’ is his motto, and he knows only too well how important that dictum will become for all of us over the coming years.

Lee currently anchors the show, interviews our diverse cast of guests & regular experts and continues to train youngsters in Martial Arts at his local Dojo. Lee’s goal is to make the Detox Show everyone’s ‘go to’ channel for news & solutions for our health and freedoms in this current climate of censorship & overruling oppression.

Our Regular Experts

Masha Malka

Masha is a member of a Forbes Coaching Council and an international speaker/trainer on the topics of developing human potential, the mindset of success, emotional mastery, and foundation to leadership. For years, Masha has worked with top executives around the world, assisting them in establishing a work/life balance, while advancing their corporate missions with greater clarity and focus.

A life-long learner, Masha has a Master’s degree in Higher Education, a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, training certificates in Accelerated Learning Techniques, NLP, Transformational Thinking, the Science of Wellbeing, Organisational Change Management, and more. She is the founder of The One Minute Coach system, best-selling author, motivational speaker, former university professor (MIUC), entrepreneur, and a mother of 3.Masha has been described by Dr. Bill Gould, best-selling author, and founder of Transformational Thinking as: “… surfing the leading edge of the wave of new and exciting discoveries of the unlimited potential of the human mind.

”Find out more about her work and courses here.

Robert De Casares

Robert de Casares comes from a mixed family and has a multi-cultural background. He is a BA and MA in International Relations, International Law, Modern Languages, and History. He began his career at the height of the Cold War as a military officer and saw combat action in Africa.

Robert was a field operative for the foreign intelligence service when the collapse of the USSR occurred. During the momentous events and tectonic scale changes on the international scene that followed, he continued his professional activities. Working for the government, he had numerous overseas postings and travelled extensively around the world as a special consultant on security issues. Robert is now retired and lives in Europe with his family. He is the author of four novels: The Spy, The Renegade, The Rogue (2017), The Moonshadow Effect (2018), The Silent Message (2020) and The Parallel Advent (2022)

Find out more about Robert’s books here