Florida… The First to Ban the Bioweapon?

De Santis has already promised to outlaw CBDC’s, but how about banning the bioweapons?

Brevard County GOP representatives are moving to ban the Covid 19 shots and make it illegal to administer them. Interesting that they are now categorised as Bioweapons… I think I’ll enter the Green Card lottery again! Also, ‘weaponising the weather’ seems to be the latest tactic to try and herd us all into 15 minute ghettos – we ain’t falling for it… are you?

Plus, the EU Parliament brings the fight to the table, and the Israeli public brings the fight to the streets. Rainbow Jihadis are at it again, spouting deranged nonsense onto parents and kids. All this and more stuffed into 25 odd minutes, can’t be bad!

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  • The demonstrations in Israel have nothing to do with anti-globalism. On the contrary, these are leftist, pro-globalism, pro secularism, pro LGBTQ2A+ demonstrations. The EU is an ideal to emulate for these leftist Israeli politicians and citizens who are demonstrating., not something to reject.


    P. Potchinski