“And that Tiddles, is how we’re Fu*#@*g up the biosphere!”

They’ve gone and done it this time. You know when evil dictators go a bit too far on the gaslighting and de-cloak their malicious intent? Well, Klaus & Co and the lovelies at the WEF just did exactly that.

Even we have limits.

Us humans are indeed a strange breed, we’ll take a beating from the hypocrisy of flu lockdowns, toxic human experiments, the systematic shutdown of agriculture and phoney climate castigation, but mess with our furry friends and the game’s up… surely.

The Push on Pets.

Yes, you guessed it, the inevitable push on pets has arrived. Apparently the evil little critters, all cuddly and loving on the outside, are now covertly destroying the environment with their disgraceful soft spot for all things meat. And now, we have to somehow explain to them in doggy dialect that they need to go vegan, or even worse eat insects – very much akin to their master’s shadowy destiny under the WEF’s sham “planet saving” doctrine.

A Bridge too Far?

We can’t see humans putting up with this one, but the narrative has been let firmly off the leash and will inevitably develop into something more sinister. Even cleverly elected wording like ‘Carbon Paw Print’ (Courtesy of CNN) won’t be cutesy enough to stop the cavalcade of pet parent kickback from yet another repressive campaign from our self-elected planet police… will it?

At least they recommend snakes as a suitable eco-alternative. Ya know, serpents. Nothing dark to see here, move along!

Percy Herbert

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