The Truth is a Tidal Wave

As we always said, lies come & go but the truth is always the truth. It’s an unstoppable force.

Even lavishly travelled WEF lapdogs like Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla are feeling the tidal wave. This interview (if you can call it that) not only illustrates the power of the truth, it shows the anger of the duped billions. How now the truth is out, how hungry people are to find out the depths of the deception.


Even the resignation of Ahern and the ridiculous faux arrest of Greta Thunberg are not turning enough heads to keep the elite out of deception deep water. And, they’re not even safe in Davos it appears. If Bourla falls, then so Will Ursula von der Leyen and then the whole house of cards.

The Unravelling

It’s coming, like a tidal breaker off the west coast, offshore & curly and ain’t no one gunna stop it. Maybe that’s why cyber terrorism is top of the menu for the Globalists at Davos this week. Shutting down the web might just be the only way they can slow down the revelation of pure evil. Notice we said slow it down… because it’s a run-away freight train and we all have to keep shovelling dirt into the furnace. Keep Fighting.

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