BBC is the Virus


BREAKING NEWS 💉 DEATHS reporting from Britain absolutely thousands dead from the poisons.

♬ original sound - FREEDOM FIGHTERS

Britains reaction to the complicit media; cover BBC buildings in posters of the deceased.

Not so Blinkered (most people)

Many have worked out that the media are complicit in the biggest health crime in history, many others are simply wondering why the media is ignoring the huge death toll associated with the shots. As more die this will get worse until inevitably society will erupt in anger. There’s no stopping it, but we’re sure the perps have estimated for this and are installing countermeasures.

Distract & Divide

Quick, look the other way, look at Prince Harry, look at Greta, look at Ahern, look at Tate. Don’t look at the weaponisation of migrants, nor at Davos. No we don’t want you looking that way.

It’s time for action.

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