Divide & Conquer Hits New Lows

They’ll try anything to cover up the catastrophe of the shots these days.

Even to the low life limits of this article blaming the unvaccinated for not telling the poor jib jabbed to not take the state injectables. I dunno about you but I was personally ridiculed for trying to tell them that ‘I need it to travel’ would end in a one way ticket to a box. I lost production work for producing the all-telling ‘Digital Warriors’ show & I was hassled by police, shopkeepers, travel workers and people in the street for not abiding to the idiotic mask mandates.

Blame Game

So now the government mandated shots and the rush of followers who took the bait because they wanted to visit Starbucks must be owned by those sensible enough to see through the whole deception. Yeah that sounds fair.

Lower than a Viper’s Belly Button

You’ve gotta laugh at this ridiculous attempt at division, and at this shameful coercive admission that the shots are indeed toxic and dangerous. Anyone believing this nonsense would probably go jump off a cliff if they told em… oh wait a minute, they did.

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