Unpaid Science – Pay Attention


This geologist seems to have a sensible ‘scientific’ grip on the state of the climate and planetary temperature cycles.

Perhaps Professor Klein doesn’t rely on government climate funding, or the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation to pay his mortgage? Perhaps he actually gives a shit about the planet and it’s inhabitants, certainly beyond money & fame at least.

Real Science is Out There

It’s great to know they’re out there, and they are. It just begs the question, why are we not hearing this side of the debate on climate change? A tactic that has harrowing echoes of the whole Convid censorship debacle.

Buckle Up

…and get ready for more lockdowns, or stand up to the bullshit on your screens. With the amount of awakening going on out there, mainstream media simply can’t last that long. Keep fighting, sharing and speaking out.

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