Jordan Tristan Walker ‘I’m literally a Liar!’

Pfizer exec Jordan Tristen Walker who recently got caught on camera admitting that Pfizer were holding meetings about mutating the Covid virus for profit has been O’Keefe’d.


This slimy individual has been outed by O’Keefe’s Project Veritas and is in a sensational panic when confronted for his loose lipped bragging. Well, who wouldn’t be? Dropping the planet’s biggest cartel in hot water and exposing the single most biggest health scam in history is not the best thing on his CV.


Jordan might be looking over his shoulder for a while, but meanwhile… it’s coming out folks! Evert day valiant journalism from operations like Veritas is exposing more and more truth to a swelling online audience that leaves broadcasting corporations dangling. TV news is a dusty relic of corporate propaganda.

Good luck Jordan, you need it.




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