The Princess & The ‘P’

Thai Princess in a 3 week coma after Pfizer Booster disaster. This is a game Changer.–thailand-may-nullify-pfizer-contracts-after-thai-princess-collapses-post-v.html

Have you ever been to Thailand? It’s a nation proud of its heritage. Even a passing joke about the king can get you in hot water – like a few weeks in the famed Bangkok Hilton, that kind of hot water. So what you definitely don’t do is administer toxins to the royal family, which is what it looks like Pfizer has done.

Officially Unofficial

Officials tried to convince the king it was a viral infection, but it looks like he caught on to the old ‘booster followed by deep coma scenario’. So, sensibly he called in Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi, a retired Thai-German microbiologist who’s been on to the Convid scam since the beginning. The video tells the story, but this is deep water for Pfizer, and the injectables.

Mainstream are Digging

Mainstream media of course are burying the evidence, but if Thailand cancel the indemnity contracts with the shot providers… surely all hell will break loose. Time will tell, and we wish the princess steady recovery.

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