Time-Out is Not an Option!

You may have noticed the site went a little bit dead lately, for that we are eternally apologetic. Sadly I had to go about my day job on location for a week and my day job is a demanding little critter at the best of times.

But, something dawned on me, I used to be able to disappear for a week and not much would pass, maybe a few laws would get slipped under the door without anyone noticing, a few hundred-thousand people would come down with side-effects, you know normal run-of-the-mill stuff… Not this time. When I finally touched down and started to focus on current events I found myself in a whole different dimension.

So Whass Up?

In a mere seven days the Earth had accelerated into utter lunacy. Not the usual madness of ‘Twitter Files non-reporting’ or election fraud or ‘Tranny Tyranny’, oh no, that’s stuffs so last week. Quicker than any Element 119 could thrust us we’d actually made the main stream hyper-jump from climate change to UFO’s. There’s a hugely mishandled chemical spill mushroom cloud over Ohio, we’re fully engaged in a ground war and pretending not to be. POTUS is now glaringly guilty of the Nord Stream Pipeline sabotage that’s now leaked out more gas than he ever has (unwittingly) in the Rose Garden. Egg factories are on fire all over the world, Pfizer are defending themselves for delivering the Great Medical Fraud by accusing the US establishment of ordering The Great Medical Fraud… Politicians are coming out and blaming the devastating Earthquake in Turkey on HAARP, Egypt has applied to join BRICS, spy balloons, everyone has been to Epstein Island and Sam Smith is a fart in a suit.

I can barely breathe.

But what does it all mean?

It means we are winning, our little people opinions, our common sense, our little post sharings, our oh so unprofessional but supremely effective research, our refusal to hear the main stream megaphone blaring out fear and misery, the bravery of so many experts… It’s all come to this, a huge awakening and a panic from them upstairs. Never would a bunch of narcissistic psychopaths risk breaking cover like this, risk revealing their normally covert screenplay in such huge full-caps skywriting – unless they’d had to switch strategies. Donald sent the plan spinning out of control way back in 2016 by winning the presidency and costing these nut jobs four years of precious tyrannical control. For some reason 2030 is a very important date to them, we don’t know why, but I can feel it slipping further away from their grip as each ridiculous narrative emanates from the Terriblevision. Monkey pox, alien invasion, spy balloons, men with periods, Ukraine, crypto culling, 15 minute cities and yes, Sam Smiths trousers. It’s a panic, out & out.

But before we book our jollies…

Its great news of course, but now we have to be even more vigilant, we have to stick together and watch everything, we have to dispel all prejudice among ourselves and be one. Why? Because like a rat in a corner these megalomaniacs are trapping themselves, and a rat in a corner is a dangerous animal, capable of attempting anything to get to where it needs to be.

But remember, just a handful of the ‘inhuman’ face a terrifying billion strong army of informed souls. If I were Tony Blair I’d be shitting hot bricks.

Don’t forget to enjoy life X





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