Project O’Keefe

Is no journalistic establishment safe, or at least not for sale?

James O’Keefe has received his marching orders from Project Veritas, oddly after veritas got 20 million views on Youtube for exposing Jordan Walker and the Pfizer cover up. It Doesn’t take much to connect the dots on this one.

The Excuse

Well, the board of directors tried to deflect obvious behind the scene pressure as ‘concern about the company losing it’s non profit status.’ But as we all know, you can only get so big and then some dirty corruptible weasel in your midst will take a backhander and pull the plug on you.

Project O’Keefe

We don’t think O’Keefe will be that concerned, if anything these frequent panicky globalist strategies tend to highlight the actual truth that they are so desperately trying to bury. Anyway, watch this space, O’Keefe will be back very very soon, with more truths, and even more followers.


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