You Are Carbon

The climate emergency, like pretty much all propaganda eagerly and repeatedly pumped out by the Ministry of Truth, is of course utter BS.

Bring on the Guilt

Another scheming underhand play on guilt to control your behaviour. Plenty are wholeheartedly wired in too, as we all know they’ve been laying the foundations for climate panic for decades.


There’s a million ways to catch them out, like the fact that the supposed evil, all-destroying gas Carbon Dioxide is nothing more than absolutely essential to plant life, and funnily enough in short supply currently.

Lead By Example

Any governing body preaching that humanity ‘is’ the Earth’s poison, and then hurling depleted uranium shells to protect bio weapon secrets is guaranteed to be at it, and on a certain trajectory to disaster.  Your little journeys to work and your biannual Easy jet habits are doing very little in comparison to that kind of environmental criminality.


Net Zero is a scam by its own definition, the ‘Net’ part purely benefitting corporations and carbon hungry billionaires with footprints the size of the Super Bowl who can afford to buy their way out of the insanity. Carbon Credits speak volumes about the truth when you really see them for what they are. The big contributors, they ain’t scared of any impending climate emergency.

The Planet

Do we have to look after the Planet? Yes of course we do, but in a responsible, protracted manner. Not by scams like the supposed sustainability of electric transport, freedom restrictions, crippling farmers and transporters and pointing the finger at meat consumption in an effort to slowly starve everyone.


How about corporations finding an alternative to pointless plastic packaging for a start? Nope, it’s far more convenient to steer us all into 15 minute cities by piling on the carbon guilt. And, when you think of the insane investment needed to create the digital landscape that’s required to keep you all penned in, owning nothing and ‘happy’, you can see how blatantly obvious the whole scam is.


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