Pfizer’s Placebo Bombshell

So if you did your bit for granny and took the Fauci Ouchie, 30% of you actually didn’t (you lucky mongrels).

Remember Bill saying that we can’t go back to normal until ‘everyone is jabbed and transmission is stopped?’ Well, that was total fraud much akin to the rest of the clown show. Like with all lab rat experiments there’s a placebo element and the fabricated Wuflu jab was no exception!


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  • Absoluteley FABULOUS!
    Ive onlt just founbd you and have been ‘binge-watching’ you two back to back! A breath of fresh air!
    I am something called ‘An early adopter’ this is a term used on planet fashion in order to describe the ‘Cognoscenti’ we are the ones who start fires/trends etc….. I was out the gare early – part of the Original I-D Family, a regular contribute for the Face magazine a Vogue ette, a Fleet Street Fashion Editor and later a ‘Celebrity Stylist’ i often say i was the best whore in Babylon – untill i had a spiritual awakening in 2007 and left it all – left london divorced the psychopath i had married and took my 3 x kids to the country. I retrained as an Ethical Fashion expert and have watch the Greens be infiltrated by woke filth. I help Claire Du Bois found Tree Sisters and worked for many years with Polly Higgins on Ecocide – i have watched the systematic take down of the REALS inside all these places and then replaced with fakes/puppets etc. Happily people are finally waking up and its great to know guys like you are out there – as on a bad day i have often wondered what happened to good men! Wonderful intelligent content. Thank you!